• About Justus

    Mentoring Makes Momentum


    Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction. A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.


    As a philosopher, my passion is to tussle with ideas that make a difference and to engage with others who are similarly inclined. That's why I feel drawn to Mentoring.


    I mentor clever people who are struggling to complete worthwhile projects. If you are wondering what the next step in your project could be, I can help you.


    My current interest is in working with people suffering with chronic health issues.


    Aged between 70 and 100, I have a deep fund of expertise and experience to draw on for your benefit.


    Geographically, you'll find me in Melbourne, Australia communicating with colleagues both locally and around the world.


    Contact me on 0437 848 095 from within Australia or

    +61 437 848 095 outside Australia.


    Qualifications include:

    PhD, University of Edinburgh; MA (Hons) Dip Ed (Tert) Dip & Adv Dip Solution Oriented Hypnotherapy.


    Accredited Teacher and Practitioner EMF Balancing Technique® Phases I-XIII; Accredited Teacher of Teachers Phases I-IV. EMFWorldWide.


    Certified NES Health Practitioner.


  • Current Interests

    Some of the issues clients contact me about


    Bioenergetics studies, detects and corrects energy flow in living systems with the aim of improving the quality of life of humans and animals within the system.


    Energy Psychology

    Energy psychology aims to help us live happier and more fulfilled lives through a systematic understanding of the relationship between mind, emotions and body.

    Integral Consciousness

    Integral consciousness focuses on the evolution of consciousness and culture as being central to the understanding of the ongoing process of evolution.

    Functional Health

    Functional health seeks to find underlying causes of disease using a systems approach that involves a partnership between patient and practitioner.

    If you have a desire to improve your health and your quality of life using the NES Total Wellness System (TWS), I can help you.

    Contact me on

    0437 848 095 from within Australia or

    +61 437 848 095 outside Australia.

  • What I'm Reading Now

    You might like to look up some of these using the links below

    Life, Death and the Illusion of Control

    Barbara Ehrenreich 2018

    ‘A provocative, informative, hilarious and deeply moving book. A must-read.’ Arlie Russell Hochschild, Author, Strangers In Their Own Land.


    I found Ehrenreich's chapter on, ‘Successful Aging’ particularly interesting as I am currently involved in a study of ageing with my friend and colleague, Dr Adeola James. Happy to discuss it with you if you are interested.

    In Their Own Voices: African Writers Talk

    Adeola James 1990

    Adeola and I first met as undergraduates at the University of Edinburgh. We go back a long way! Originally from Nigeria, she has family all over the world and commutes between America and Guyana!


    'This book makes a compelling statement about the position of women writers and women in contemporary Africa'. Dennis Duerden. Author, African Writers Talking.

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