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Wisdom of the Ancestors

Reflections on EMF Balancing Technique® Phase X

· EMF Balancing,Universal Parent

Introduction - past, present, future

We are all shaped by our past. When we come to our senses, as it were, and start to ask ourselves who we are and why we are here, one of the first ports of call is to examine our past.

The EMF Balancing Technique® embodies many profound insights. One of these is our human need to orient ourselves in a balanced way to past, present and future. This process starts in Phases II, III and IV, continues in Phases VI, VII and VIII, and culminates in Phases X, XI and XII.

The past lives on in the present embodied in life around us.

This morning, as I was meditating in my garden, I was very aware of the roses planted by a previous owner and now sharing their beauty with me; of the trees in adjacent gardens planted years ago and participating in an energetic web of light and life; and of the recency of European settlers in Australia - as I felt the ground beneath my feet I was reminded that the indigenous people had walked this ground before me.

A closer look at Phases II, VI and X

In Phase II we work with the energy of our past. We give intent to release stuff that no longer serves us and we also give intent to encourage personal strengths that may support us in moving on with our lives now. These actions both acknowledge the past and honour the way our past plays a hand in shaping our present reality.

In Phase VI we continue to work with the energy of our past but with a different emphasis. Using the Templates of Infinite Compassion, located physically in the palm of each hand, we choose and activate attributes of mastery that we would like to become habit forming for us. Habits only form over time. Peggy is clear that the secret of mastery is continual practice, bridging the past into the now and into the future.

In Phase X we take a broader tack again. The Universal Parent works with the energy of our ancestors, with the eight templates directly below our feet that connect us with the Centre Below and are part of the unifying and harmonising core energy that pulsates between the Centre Below and the Centre Above.

It’s important to remember that we are not only working with our personal energy - although that is certainly part of the equation - we are working with universal energy. My understanding of this is that the Universal Parent is about the embodiment of our collective consciousness of the role of a parent as much as it is about our own individual responses to our parents or to parenting.

As Peggy has said on several occasions, When we work with one system, we work with all systems. This is quantum consciousness in action.

Existing and new relationships

In Phase IX, the Universal Human, we are invited to work with and to transform an existing relationship with someone or something that plays a key role in our lives.

Peggy has told us that she worked with her weight. Other people may choose their family, or their body, or something else entirely that is of significance to them. The first time I co-created a Phase IX session, I worked with my relationship to the Body Corporate Committee of which I was a member in the place that I was living in then. The results amazed me and led to yet another shift in direction in my life.

In Phase X we are invited to create a new relationship with our past as represented through the lens of the Universal Parent. We are invited to place whatever new energetic charges we see are needed into the mix, charges that we ourselves are prepared to commit to and action in our lives.

We only have choice over our own thoughts, words, actions

We acknowledge that when we want change or transformation, the only person we can change is our self. But, because we are working with a relationship that involves others, be they people, concepts, animals, even time itself, when we change our input into the relationship, the dynamic of the relationship changes and this offers the potential for change to whoever or whatever forms the relationship with us.

And, because we acknowledge and accept that our Individual I and our Universal I are at a quantum level one and the same, when we create our new relationship, we create on the collective level of our human evolution.

How does this work?

Can we be more specific on this?

The Balancing Work, including the EMF Balancing Technique® is essentially a program designed to make it easier for us to live wise and loving lives on a day to day basis as much as we are able.

As such, it is not focused on dealing with specific issues, although specific issues may resolve as an incidental by-product of the work. It is about enabling us to regulate (referred to as balance or calibrate) the various energies that form the framework of our existence as sentient, conscious beings.

When we work with the energy of the Universal Parent (using a tool called a Third Lattice Chart, TLC Chart) we are participating consciously in the collective evolution of the loving energy of a parent. Inevitable, there will be specific aspects of this loving parental energy that will apply more profoundly to ourselves and that is as it should be.

We are living in new energy, Peggy likes to say.

We are certainly living in times when we are confronted with situations that challenge us to the depth of our being.

When we learn to regulate better the balance between our past and our present, when we find ways to acknowledge and integrate the wisdom of the ancestors into our lives, when we allow ourselves to move into a space beyond immediate personal concerns, a space where the individual and the infinite meet, then we put ourselves in the way of joy, of peace, of a sense of security, of making better choices that embody parental wisdom and love in all our relationships.

In loving memory of Richard George Lewis, born 8 November 1971