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NES Total Wellness System (TWS)

Some principles of healing

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Are you confused about your health?

Do you ever feel confused by the amount of health advice available nowadays? As if you were being blasted by a firehose? And even although you know water is good for you, somehow this doesn’t feel right?

Not only that, your doctor tells you one thing, your acupuncturist approaches your health from a different perspective, the nutritionist has her take on it and so does the exercise physiologist. Who is right?

My answer is that they are all right, partly right, and they are all wrong, partly wrong. It’s like the old story of the elephant being examined by six blind men, each touching a different part of the beast and giving their own apparently conflicting descriptions of their experiences. We know that, if they could only see the elephant, they would know that they were all touching the same animal and that each description was correct from the perspective of the person involved.

It’s somewhat similar with our health.

This is where NES and the Total Wellness System comes in.

Developed in the first place by the research of the brilliant Australian clinician, Peter Fraser, and made available for all through the vision and technological genius of Harry Massey, the NES Total Wellness System provides a complete system that restores health and energy at its source.

NES Total Wellness System (TWS) provides answers

Root causes

  • There’s a new approach trending in medical practice called Functional Medicine. You can Google it. Functional medicine looks to finding and working with root cause(s) rather than treating symptoms. Two people may have the same symptoms, for example, exhaustion, yet the causes of their exhaustion can be very different because the symptoms have different root causes. One person may need treatment for a heart condition, the other for a thyroid imbalance.
  • The root cause of a condition is likely to include multiple factors. For example, Bredeson, in his book on healing Alzheimer’s, identifies 36 potential root causes, or ‘holes in the roof’ that are preconditions for Alzheimers. It is not enough to treat one of these conditions to slow down or even reverse Alzheimer’s: we need to treat a majority of them in order to make headway.
  • TWS take a functional approach and uses the ProVision scanning technology to give a number of readouts on the current state of a person’s energy fields. These readouts (screens) identify blockages in the fields that can be treated using Infoceuticals and/or the miHealth device plus whatever other treatments may be relevant and available.
  • These include conventional medicine, diet, exercise, sleep improvement, stress reduction and enhancements of the person’s relationships with family, friends and community. They also include counselling, energy work (like Reiki or EFT or hypnotherapy or EMF Balancing), and psychotherapeutic interventions to heal past trauma.

Body-mind connection

  • Body and mind are intimately connected and this is reflected in the information presented on the NES screens. Our energetic immunity is empowered by our experience of healthy emotions. Change what is happening in the body and there will be corresponding changes in our mental emotional state; for example, running can induce an emotional ‘high’. Change our mindset and changes take place in our physical bodies: for example, the use of placebos is now being increasingly researched. When we believe something to be the case, that may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 
  • I remember hearing a story about a guy who was accidentally locked in a deep freeze container overnight. As it happened the freeze switch was turned to OFF. But the person didn’t know that. When he was found dead in the morning, he had with him a notebook in which he had recorded for posterity his ongoing experience of getting colder and colder and eventually freezing to death!

Self-healing is part of who we are

  • When we apply a plaster to a blister we know that it is not the plaster that will heal the blister. The plaster is a protective dressing that allows our body to get on with what it likes to do, that is, heal us. 
  • Healthcare as a whole only makes sense if we acknowledge that out bodies have a natural propensity to heal. Of course, we have made tremendous strides in assisting the healing process and we should be prepared to take advantage of new discoveries and technologies wherever we can. But let that not blind us to the fact that none of them would work if the body was not ready to cooperate.

The one carries the pattern of the all

  • Our life journey is reflected in what happens in our mitochondria. Our biome affects our sense of who we are and what we can become. If you doubt the truth of this, Google ‘fractals’. 
  • We all want, consciously or not, to become clearer about who we are and why we are here. For example, Victor Frankl has described how his sense of having a larger purpose kept him alive in the concentration camp when others were succumbing to the horrors of the situation. When we look at the NES screens with the intention of becoming more fully who we are destined to be, the screens reveal what is blocking us and what our body and mind need to heal.

If you would like to experience the NES Total Wellness System for yourself, contact me to make an appointment for an in-person or distant scan session.