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7 Days of Rest

What is it and how does it work?

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Ever wish you could take 7 days of rest?

If so, then has some really good ideas.

7 Days of Rest is a new global initiative that encourages everyone who wants to amplify the emerging culture of peace, health, co-creation, and respect for all life to take the first seven days of the year to focus on creating a sacred collective space where we can realign with our hearts, with each other, and with the intrinsic intelligence of the universe.

If you are a healing practitioner or just interested in bring more clarity and compassion into your own life, you might want to check it out here.


I have signed up myself as I felt a need to tune into my own inner wisdom to determine what direction or directions I should focus on in 2018.


In this chaotic world, we can all benefit from taking some time out to tune into our heart's wisdom. We will be rewarded with greater clarity around what our lives are about and a renewed dedication to the practice of wisdom.


Here's the link again. See you in the field!