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Interpreting a NES Scan

The Power of Interrogative Questions

Note: These remarks have not been endorsed by any authority in NES Health.

Recently, sparked by a friend's comment on a recent scan, I've been reflecting on how I might make a NES scan interpretation more productive for myself and for my friends. Of course, it always pays to look at the Recommendations because these are designed to highlight what is currently calling out for attention. But sometimes we want a bit different. 

I think one of the keys is to switch to a more pro-active mindset. And one way to do this is to pose to oneself a series of questions such as the following:

1. What is going on here? This embodies curiosity, one of the basic emotions that moves us (and other mammals) to investigate, explore and take action. 

2. What have I sensed going on in my being over the past week? This funnels my curiousity into something more specific and actionable. I decided on 'being' reather than 'body' because we are all complex , not to say complicated, and  we know that what we feel and believe affects  what goes on in our bodies and vice versa. A NES scan reflects this with screens that reflect and present information relating to many different levels of awareness. Depending on a whole variety of factors, we might want to take different starting points in interpreting a scan.  

3. Is there ONE specific issue I want to address? What exactly is this issue? Why is it important? 

4. What, if anything, is the scan saying about this issue? 

I hope these reflections may be helpful to you. Any questions? Please just ask.