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A Path with a Heart

Who will you choose to be tomorrow?

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A friend and I were tossing around a title for a potential white paper, destined as a lead magnet to attract new members to her recently formed Circle of Influence. (

This question spoke to us both and I”ve continued to be drawn to it.

Talking with other friends, I shared how profoundly affected I feel every time I read Carlos Castaneda’s description of Don Juan’s ‘Path with a Heart’.


For those who have not yet read the piece: there are millions of paths. None of them go anywhere but some paths have a heart. Always choose a path with a heart because a path without a heart will sooner or later kill you and you may not be able to leave it.


The two ideas melded into an answer:

I choose to be a person who follows a path with a heart.

As Robert Louis Stephenson put it: Tis better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

How could one travel hopefully except on a path with heart?

  • A path with heart gives hope for the future.
  • A path with heart gives succour in time of need.
  • A path with heart builds memories worth cherishing.

Therefore, whatever paths present themselves to me tomorrow, I commit to choosing a path with a heart.