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Co-creating our reality

The journey of travelling hopefully

It's a given that as human beings, we and our world are in a process of constant change. The EMF view is that change is a process of evolution of consciousness in which we practice mastery and experience a greater sense of wholeness, connectedness and balance.

Each day can be viewed as a series of choices - or non-choices as the case may be - that collectively go towards shaping other choices that we will have in the future. We each have what some would call a unique purpose in life that can be expressed as the co-creation of our Infinite Self with our individual Self to accelerate the evolution of our most enlightened life. As we move through each of the phases we have opportunities to reflect on different aspects of who we are and, in states of heightened awareness, choose the next immediate step or steps in our journey. As Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the originator of The Balancing Work, puts is: 'Give intent, take action, create reality'.  

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