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Addressing Change

Letting go; letting in; letting be

Change happens all the time whether or not we are aware of it. 

But can we control it? 

Letting go

We are frequently admonished to let go that which no longer works. Admirable advice, but how do you do that? 

A metaphor often invoked is that of the monkey who puts his/her hand into a narrow necked jar to grab some goodies. It's impossible to withdraw the hand until the hand is relaxed. So the monkey must relax the hand, apparently lose the goodies but live to fight another day. Let go, we are told. But is this really a productive way to think about change? 

Another observation about letting go - and I have subscribed to this myself and still lean towards it - is that letting go takes a lot of energy. When we are ready to acknowledge this, and to experience the grief of losing things that have in the past been important to our identity as human beings on this planet, then is the time to declutter homes and minds. 

But is there a deeper truth? Even an easier way to accomplish the same end? 

Recently, I was challenged with the language of 'letting in' and 'letting be'. 

Letting in

The picture that came to mind - of letting in and letting be - was of a single drop of colour arriving in a clear pool. The single drop changes from an initial intensity to being pale and diffuse as 'letting it be' allows it to spread through the clear water. 

Maybe it's always been enough just to introduce a seminal idea to the world - or talking more practically - to our lives, then, having let in  this seminal idea, to sit back and 'let it be', let it spread through our being at its own pace. 

For example, I'm entertaining the idea of moving to somewhere else. In the past, I might have been more proactive, immediately looking for my next home and preparing to let go of this one.  But could there be another way to approach this situation? 

Could I simply acknowledge that i'm looking for change and wonder what form that change might take? 

For example, instead of moving to find a support network, could I be more appreciative of any support I already have? Might this move the dial in the direction of growing that support? 


What is in your life now that you would like to see different? 

What would you need to let go to create that difference? 

Instead of letting go, could you simply let in the idea of what you want and let that idea be until it shows you how it wants to manifest? 

Until the next time ...