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You Never Know What to Expect!

Be prepared to be surprised ...

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The other day, I surprised myself. 

I commissioned a caricature - of me!

I was visiting a friend in Mornington and welcomed her suggestion to visit the local weekly market. The weather was warm and balmy as we strolled past stalls of local 'stuff' - 'smelly' soaps, garden plants, somebody creating portraits from photographs.

And then there was this sign - Caricatures! And this guy focusing intently between a smart phone and a drawing pad, a picture emerging.

I couldn't resist. What would I look like in caricature? I had no idea but then, I thought, it couldn't be more shocking than what I see when I look in the mirror. And I was taking a mini-holiday, as it were, in Mornington for the day.

So I booked a session.

It didn't take long. And it didn't cost a fortune.

I'm looking at it now and I'm still not sure whether it looks like me or not. But I don't look too grumpy. It's a keeper. Once I've worked out the technology, I'm going to upload it to replace the current obligatory online photo.

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