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Is it time to reinvent yourself?

Who you think you are makes a difference to how you live your life - a consideration of WHY we might want to reinvent ourselves and think differently about who we are

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Spring finally is starting to feel more of a reality.

When I waken in the morning, the sky has started to lighten. I can open my blinds and from the warmth and comfort of bed, see the day emerging: the camellias along my back fence take shape as blooms of red petals festooning the fence.

My astrologically minded colleagues remind me that we are in a time of great change - and equally great opportunity - as if it were not enough to notice the burning of the Amazon forests and the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef. As well, of course - let’s be balanced about this - as the new expressions of our universal connectedness with each other and with the rest of the universe that are opening up as the development of AI and the Internet point the way to new understandings.

Is it time, yet again, to reinvent myself?

Why should I bother?

  • My mojo has gone awol. Maybe it’s been the winter cold, maybe it’s an effect of ageing, maybe it’s hearing of various friends with serious ailments or even leaving this planet. Maybe it’s all or none of these things. But a life of blah, blah, blah is, well, a bit blah … Time to introduce a spot of novelty or excitement that will re-stimulate my interest in life.
  • Spring is a time of new beginnings. So why not take advantage of the natural cycle of the seasons? Strangely, as I feel the stirrings of Spring, the folk whom I like to connect with on the other side of the globe, are moving into autumn, the Fall season of rest and renewal. There’s a tension here. And maybe my mojo is also aware of this tension. Maybe a part of my current reinvention of myself involves an awareness of more than what is immediately going on for me. For a while now, I have been reflecting on what it really means to have a new understanding of myself as part of a collective consciousness. Maybe this strangeness is just a part of that? 
  • I am undoubtedly nearer the end of life than the beginning. Just as a runner, I’m told, needs to summon up the energy and mind set for the final sprint to the finish line, so must I summon up a new aspect of myself to accomplish with honour this next stage of my life. I recall various milestones: my life changed when I first went to school; I changed again when I entered adolescence; when I moved on to university; when I sailed to Pakistan as a 21-year old. Looking back, I realise that with each external change, I also made inner changes, mostly without any measure of reflection. Now I am gifted with the opportunity to become more aware of how the external interacts with the internal. I am able, in ways that were not possible to me earlier in life, to reflect on the reinvention process that occurs - mostly without my conscious choice. 

Summing up ...

In future posts, I’ll talk about the what, the how and the what if of reinventing myself.

If I were to sum up the ‘Why’, I’d say it’s because the universe is dynamic, its nature is to be always evolving, in cycles of varying lengths. I, and you and everyone else, are all integral parts of something much larger than ourselves.

And embedded in that shared universe, struggling to unfold, are qualities such as kindness and compassion. They need our energy, our commitment. We all matter.

Therefore, prepare to take up the challenge in your own unique voice. Reinvent yourself now. You are worth it and we all need each other.