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New NES Health Technology

miHealth - a revolutionary new device

I've just finished two days of extending my understanding and application of the NES Health technology. 

I like to find out about the science behind bio-energetics and I like to see that there can be cross-overs between the two main complementary modalities that I practice: NES Health and EMF Balancing. So I was very pleased to hear Robert Becker's The Body Electric recommended for reading as that is a book I like to recommend to my EMF students. In fact, during one of my trainings with Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the originator of EMF Balancing, she shared the story of her serendipitous meeting with Robert Becker and how they chatted for an hour about the electro-magnetic field that Becker researched extensively and that underpins the EMF Balancing Work.

NES Health has come from a very different tradition from The Balancing Work although they can both be described as bio-energetic modalities. Peter Fraser, an Australian, provided the original research for NES Health. Because both NES Health and EMF Balancing  share a respect for scientific investigation, I find that the detailed information provided by NES Health complements and extends my understanding of what is happening in an EMF Energy Balance.

Take a look at this short video and see what you think. It's an introduction to NES Health but the intention is very much aligned with the intention of EMF Balancing although the emphasis of each is somewhat different. 

Please get in touch with me if you would like to know more about bio-energetic approaches to health, wellness and wholeness. The research is indicating very good outcomes. 

You can download a free report here. This is an outcome study that was done to gather further information on the use and efficacy of the miHealth device. The miHealth is now a key component in the NES Total WelNES System. 

And stay tuned for further posts on this topic.